Life Stories

The people that matter most in your life - the ones who are woven so tightly into your story that you can't imagine it any other way - bottle all that good stuff now and keep it forever. These pictures are a celebration of our lives and the things that connect us. They are an illustration of how it feels to be you.

"You've captured all the small and familiar details of our family in such a powerful way, it's the most incredible feeling looking at the pictures."


The crazy concoction of serenity, anticipation, strength, nerves, wonder and intensity... There's already a lot going on, so I won't over-complicate things. With a pregnancy shoot, you can just be yourself, and I will capture not just the feelings but also a record of your incredible body doing its best work.

I often use blurring, bokeh and free-lensing techniques to soften the detail and create a slightly surreal, dream-like quality. In a few years' time, you can show your child pictures of where they came from, and that would be pretty cool, right?


So baby has landed and turned your world upside-down and your heart inside-out. There will likely be moments of madness, tenderness, messiness and deep joy. Let's embrace it all. You don't need to pose or be anything you don't feel like being. During our photoshoot we will shut out the world and capture the incredible intimacy of this new life.


Bring Granny, bring the dog, bring the favourite manky old blanket; whatever is personal to you. The best family pictures are always the ones that are full of truth and character.

I'll photograph your family at home or out and about, wherever you like to hang out and feel most comfortable together. The whole thing is very relaxed, I usually end up on the floor with the children so we can tell the story through their eyes as well. Time flies, children grow, hair goes a little bit grey, the pictures of this time together will always make you smile.


Family aside, it's often our friends who know us best, who see us through the highs and lows and are standing beside us in all our important life stories (ideally holding the bottle and a corkscrew).

Capturing the special bond you share is a powerful way to reflect on the significance of these relationships. You have chosen these people to be in your life, you rely on them and in turn, you'll be there for them at the drop of a hat. That's definitely worth celebrating. Friends photoshoots are playful, spontaneous and full of all the colour, life and love that you value in your friendships.

The Details

Whether it's for a pregnancy shoot, newborn, family or friends, we'll chat beforehand on a video call to discuss all aspects of the shoot and answer any questions you might have so you know exactly what to expect. There are no special preparations needed, these images are beautiful because they are real and raw.

Typically I will come to your home and we'll find somewhere with great light to hang out in, where you feel comfortable and take it from there. Depending on what we're feeling and what the weather's doing, we may go outdoors if the mood takes us. If you'd like to chart the eye-popping growth of your family, we can plan a series of shoots over 12-18 months covering pregnancy, early weeks and 1st birthday.

I'll provide a personalised quote for your shoot, plus any products you'd like such as a fine art album or framed prints. To give you a guide, for a session and selected products, my clients typically budget from £500 to £2500.

Working with me 

 I'm all about celebrating our differences and creating photos that are personal to you, so I don't do one-size-fits-all packages. To find out more about working with me, please get in touch.


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