The Menopause Photography Project

The Menopause Photography Project (MPP) started as a project to raise the visibility of people going through menopause and to change our perceptions of what menopause looks like (ie it's mostly pretty bloody awful). What is developing is so much more powerful than I could have imagined - despite how incredibly difficult menopause can be, I'm hearing over and again how surprisingly positive and life-changing it can be too, enabling us to change our lives in ways we never thought possible. 

I'm photographing a range of womxn from all parts of the UK and hearing their stories. There are so many similarities in our experiences and yet every single one is individual. This project aims to increase awareness and knowledge of the menopause, empowering women to explore and embrace this part of our lives rather than have it be something that's whispered about and feared. 


The MPP will document experiences of menopause through portrait photography and conversation. These images and experiences will be woven together in a final exhibition in 2024, along with community artists and activists, raising awareness, hopefully sparking further exchange and showing that, despite the shitshow that menopause can be, there is something incredibly strong that can come from within us, shaping our futures for the better.

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