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Your portrait has to work hard for you, revealing to the world in an instant the essence of you and the message you want to send. I won't turn you into just another bland headshot, instead I'll produce a creative portrait for you that is rich with your individuality and character. If you've decided to go in a new direction with your art or business in response to the ever-changing world we're living in, a new portrait can give you that kick start to match your new business venture.

"I didn't want anything cheesy or corporate. I'm just not like that. Sam completely understood and has produced pictures that feel utterly me."

I think we all know what we don't want, right? Folded arms, eyes to camera, MacBook optional. Great, so we're on the same page. My job is to illustrate what you do want. The mood, the location, the energy, the personality.

We can shoot somewhere meaningful for you, or we can shoot somewhere really easy where you feel comfortable. Even if you feel a bit awkward, that's OK, because I can work around that and still get pictures that will make you feel proud and embody the future you envisage for yourself.

The Details

I'll shoot portraits to illustrate your work, your art, music or business, or just because. 

If you like my style of photography chances are you are a creative type. Talk to me about your ideas and how you want to represent yourself in your pictures. Together we'll work out a great location for your shoot that reflects what you do and the story you want to tell. 

I'll provide a personalised quote for your shoot, including any products you'd like such as a fine art prints. I can also give you a mix of portrait & landscape images, giving youth versatility that makes the images perfect for use online and in print. To give you a guide, my clients typically budget between £200 and £750.

If you would like to work with me and to check my availability, drop me an email or fill in the contact form here.

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